Post Doctoral Fellows

Habib is a Postdoctoral Research fellow in the Baker lab. He received his PhD in electrical engineering from NC State University. With his background in control systems and big data analysis, he is interested in investigating the correlation of the lifestyle and environmental stimuli with the brain activity and connections. He is currently working on computational approaches to explore deep individual phenotyping.

Habib Rahimi, PhD


Eric received both his BS in Psychobiology and MD from UCLA. His psychiatry residency and research training were respectively at Yale University School of Medicine and Yale’s Neuroscience Research Training Program. His work has been in applied machine learning with a focus on applying natural language processing to patient interviews for diagnostic support, clinical risk stratification, and identifying predictors in the hopes of improving clinical nosology for personality disorders. Currently, he is on the Deep Phenotyping in Borderline Personality Disorder study. Eric is in VA Boston’s Medical Informatics Fellowship; he splits his time between this lab and the VA’s machine learning group at MAVERIC.

Eric Lin, MD


Josh is a resident in the Research Concentration Program as part of the MGH/McLeanAdult Psychiatry Residency Program, arriving here after completing his tenure at the Weill Cornell / Rockefeller / Sloan-Kettering Tri-Institutional MD-PhD Program in New York City. His background is in neuroscience, biophysics, and dynamical systems. He employed a combination of micromechanical, electrophysiological, and computational techniques to find that sensory hair bundles are controlled not simply by their genetics, but by their mechanical microenvironment.

Josh Salvi, MD, PhD